Do you like amazing graphics, portability, and adrenaline-filled stories? If yes, Vainglory is the best game to try on your mobile device! Technically speaking Vainglory is a real-time PvP MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) specially designed for devices that use a touch screen.  To be even more specific, the game is developed and commercialized by Super Evil Megacorp and is available for both Android and iOS. It is a freemium strategy video game and it is quite popular among mobile players (it already reached over 5 million downloads in Google Play).

Like with any MOBA game, the focus is on the team and not on the individual player. This means you’ll have the chance to invite friends to play or meet new people that in time may become your friends. Even more, the game is a simplified version of a PC MOBA and teams only have 3 players. As you can imagine, the main goal is to destroy the other team in order to win the game.

Now, besides the adrenaline-filled action, Vainglory also comes with gorgeous graphics and characters. Actually, by playing this game you get to realize just how much the mobile gaming industry evolved during the last few years. It is absolutely amazing to consider this level of graphics and movement can be processed by a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet!


The gameplay

All traditional MOBA games have several maps that are the layout for the two team’s battle for power. Since Vainglory is a bit more simplistic, there is only one map called the Halcyon Fold with a single lane connecting the two base camps. But there is also a jungle below the lane with all sorts of creatures and objectives that may be of help in your quest for glory.

As we already mentioned, each team has three players and each player has its own avatar (or hero). There are also a few minions that are controlled by the computer and try to help you defeat the enemy team. But beware: the enemy team also has its own minions!

Moving up the lane, you’ll encounter turret towers which line the way to the enemy’s base. Your purpose is to defeat these towers and reach and destroy the Vain Crystal situated on your enemy’s campsite. If you manage this, you are declared winner.

Three different modes

Besides the strong team-oriented gameplay, Vainglory comes with three PvP modes:

  • Standard – gives you access to the entire map
  • Battle Royale – you have the possibility to progress faster but the action is limited to the lane
  • Blitz – it only lasts 5 minutes and you have to reach at least a 15 point score in order to win. Of course, the team that gathers to most points will win in the end. In this mode, you can gather more points by killing jungle miners, destroying turrets, or killing other players.

All three modes are extremely interesting, but we found the Blitz mode to be quite relaxing and fun.